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    What are the main duties of the office security captain?

    Release time: 2021-04-10

    The office security team leader is the grassroots leader appointed by the security company to each service unit, and his main responsibility is to be responsible for the work of the team. So, in actual work, what are the main responsibilities of the office security captain?

    1. Implement the rules and regulations of the security company: do a good job in managing the whole team's work.

    2. Do a good job in the ideological work of the team members: care for the team members to understand the team's thoughts, work, family, etc., and discover problems in time, so as to be politically concerned, ideologically trustworthy, teach in work, and considerate in life.

    3. Continuously improve the professional quality of the team members: organize team members to learn business in a planned way, check and urge team members to manage, use equipment and fire-fighting equipment to keep them in good working condition.

    4. Strengthen the contact with the customer security department: keep close contact with the customer security department, exchange work conditions, be familiar with the social security situation around the customer unit, and promptly put forward security work recommendations and requirements based on the actual situation of the stationed unit to ensure protection The customer safeguards the customer's interests safely.

    5. Do a good job in attendance work: implement the requirements of strict management of the team put forward by the security company, fill in the attendance report issued by the company in a timely and accurate manner, and hold a team meeting in the current month to summarize the work situation of the current month and plan the work goals for the next month in a timely manner.

    6. Organize the work in the responsibility area: According to the company's purpose and the security service contract, organize guard patrols within the responsibility, maintain the safety of the responsibility area, and properly handle various disputes and cases.

    7. Do a good job in the foreman's ideological work: deal with the negligence of the security foreman according to the severity of the circumstances, and report the consequences to the security department of the security company for handling.


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