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  • Introduction
  • Culture
  • Team
  • Honor
  • Development
  • Core idea

    "Talent Oriented" That is to encourage employees to be determined to become talents, the company creates a development platform for employees, give full play to everyone's advantages, and the company cares about, trusts and respects talents.

    "Innovation as a source" That is, employees are required to take innovation as the source of power to promote the development of the enterprise, implement innovations in system, technology, market, organization, management, service, etc.

  • Enterprise spirit

    Discipline: Abide by national laws and regulations, abide by the company's management rules, systems and requirements; stick to the post and serve civilized.

    Profession: Professional team, professional equipment, professional process.

    Service: Satisfy customers and move service.

    Innovation: Go beyond the status quo and challenge yourself.

  • Team style

    Discipline: Study hard, think hard, and be an employee with expertise and skills.

    Strict: Strict requirements and earnestly implement work specifications.

    Fine: Detailed management, pay attention to the implementation of details.

    Real: Keep your feet on the ground and do every job well.

  • Development mission

    Employees take customer satisfaction as the starting point and end point of their work. The company creates a development platform for employees. Employees and the company live and develop together. They have a sense of belonging and a sense of collective honor. To jointly create and enhance the influence of the "Hengzhi" brand in the national industry.

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