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    What are the main tasks of the sales office security?

    Release time: 2021-03-19

     Next, Suzhou Office Security Company-Jiangsu Hengzhi Security Service, organizes and introduces the work content of security personnel in sales offices as follows:
       1. The security of the sales office is responsible for maintaining the normal order of the sales office, and promptly stop the personnel who damage the facilities and equipment.
       2. The security guard of the sales office sticks to his post and awaits the owner's visit at any time.
       3. If someone is found to be carrying dangerous goods, flammable and explosive goods or other prohibited goods, the security of the sales office should stop it immediately and report it to the relevant department.
       4. The security of the sales office should cooperate with the staff of the sales office and pay attention to the personnel entering and exiting the sales office to prevent suspicious persons from entering.
       5. The security of the sales office should clean the sales office in time and keep the sales office clean and tidy.
       6. The security of the sales office patrols the periphery of the sales office and the model room. If any abnormalities are found, they must be reported in time.
       7. During the period of duty, the security of the sales office cannot chat with idle personnel or talk about topics that have nothing to do with work. This is also a point specially required by well-known security companies in Jiangsu.
       8. The security of the sales office of the customer who is looking at the house and doing errands should be thanked, and salute and guide the vehicle to enter.
       9. The security of the sales office should pay attention to etiquette and use standard language and standard actions to provide customers with high-quality services.
       10. The security of the sales office should actively complete the tasks assigned by the company and handle all emergencies steadily.
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