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    What are the main patrols of office buildings in Suzhou shopping malls?

    Release time: 2021-06-10

    There are many security patrols in the office buildings of Suzhou shopping malls. If there are suspicious people around, they will be driven away. When citizens’ personal belongings are found occupying public areas, they must report to their superiors and patrol public facilities such as greening and parking spaces. So what are the main patrols of office buildings in Suzhou shopping malls:

    1. Corridor: Whether the fire exit is unblocked with emergency lights, whether the evacuation indicator switch is in good condition, whether the fire door is in good condition, and whether the electric well door is locked or damaged.

    2. Whether fire-fighting equipment, facilities and other public facilities are in good condition.

    3. Depot (depot): Whether the vehicle has been damaged due to oil leakage and whether the related equipment and facilities are in good condition.

    4. Whether the building's exterior walls, floor doors and windows, etc. are in good condition.

    5. Whether the public place is in good order. If suspicious persons are found, they should go forward to cross-examine their certificates, and if necessary, check that their belongings belong to three persons and should be driven out of the administrative jurisdiction. Those who are hawking and salesmen should persuade them to leave the jurisdiction.

    6. Record the problems found in the "Patrol Record Sheet", and deal with the problems that can be solved immediately, and feedback in time if they cannot be solved.

    7. Problems that cannot be resolved by the shift leader should be reported to the safety director for handling. The safety director decides whether to report to the management office according to the severity of the problem (in principle, problems that the party cannot solve should be reported to their immediate superiors for resolution).


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