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    Suzhou community security service company shares how community security handles problems

    Release time: 2020-11-24

     What should I do when I find that there are outsiders who want to take or take photos in the sales office?
           When a customer wants to take video or taking pictures in the sales office, they should be stopped, and the reason should be politely asked. If it is necessary to take pictures or photographs for work reasons, the foreman should contact the sales office staff in time, and proceed after obtaining the consent, otherwise it must be stopped.
           What should I do if the client requests help instead of the business within the scope of the security guard's authority?
           The security guard should listen to the customer's request patiently, and carefully record it if necessary. If it cannot be done within the scope of the staff's authority, the security guard should report to the foreman on duty in time and explain the situation to the customer. Other colleagues will follow up and deal with the customer's request. .


    What should I do if the landlord or tenant raises a violation of the community management regulations?       

    The personnel on duty should patiently introduce relevant policies, regulations and management regulations to them, obtain the understanding of customers, and implement them in accordance with the relevant management regulations of the community. If the customer insists on and violates the community management regulations, the security guards shall be discouraged and immediately report to the foreman, supervisor and manager on duty.

    What if the landlord or tenant complains to the person on duty?

    When an employee is on duty, if he receives a complaint from a customer, he should listen patiently to the content of the complaint and immediately contact the foreman on duty, who will contact the relevant department staff to be present on the spot to handle the complaint in time. Or promptly relay the customer complaints to the customer service center, which is responsible for coordinating the relevant departments to deal with them in a timely manner. For complaints caused by improper service, the staff on duty shall sincerely apologize and take prompt measures to deal with them, but shall not promise solutions within the scope of their duties or admit any liability issues.

    What should I do when there is a conflict between the landlord or tenant?

    When there is a conflict between the owners or tenants in the public area on duty, the staff on duty should actively persuade, try to make it calm, and do a good job in alleviating the conflict, and shall not affect other people's normal use of the public area facilities in the community. When the conflict is serious, immediately report to the superior, and actively mediate and persuade them to go to the unit or leave the building.

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