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    The safety work of office building security explained by Suzhou Office Security Company

    Release time: 2020-11-24

     Compared with the residential area, the office building has the characteristics of greater flow of people, more complex personnel structure, and wider patrol range. The security personnel of the office building are responsible for the management of the peripheral area of the building and are an indispensable human defense force in security. Next, Suzhou Office Security Company-Jiangsu Hengzhi Security Service will tell you about the security work of office security:


     Strict release

     For users who need to return to the company to work overtime without a pass, contact the emergency contact person of the company and determine after soliciting opinions. If the emergency contact person agrees to work overtime, the foreman on duty will accompany him to the floor. After the supervisor unlocks and enters the room, he will notify the monitoring center to monitor.

    For users who do not cooperate with the registration and forcibly work overtime on the floor, they must immediately notify the foreman to deal with it, and notify the monitoring center to record video, and observe whether they have the key to open the door. If the foreman fails to deal with it, he can call the company's emergency contact person for advice. When encountering such things, you must be patient, restrained, and not quarrel with users.   

    Interrogate suspicious persons

    Be good at observing appearance and respond quickly to bad situations.

    Identify salespersons: salespersons usually have suits and leather shoes, hand-clip briefcases, and the bags contain advertising papers. This person should be inquired in detail, and if he is a salesperson, he should be advised to leave the building.

    Recognize fake documents: observe the photo on the document and the appearance of the holder, carefully check the facial features, eyes, ears, mouth and nose features, as well as whether the photo has suspicious marks, the clarity of the seal, etc.; pay attention to the date of birth on the document Whether there is a significant difference between the actual age of the holder and the holder; pay attention to whether the pronunciation of the holder matches the place of origin or address on the ID card.

    When encountering suspicious people or things, try to be steady, keep quiet, and promptly notify the leader or colleagues to assist in handling.The above is organized and released for you by Suzhou Office Security Company-Jiangsu Hengzhi Security Service. Jiangsu Hengzhi Security Service Co., Ltd. was transformed from a property company into a professionally qualified security service company. Up to now, it has more than 600 security professionals, and its security services cover all walks of life in Suzhou, including large shopping malls and supermarkets. , Office buildings, well-known enterprises, etc., look forward to your inquiries and cooperation!

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